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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> through the fog. the investigation into yesterday's bay bridge crash is gaining momentum. (fog horn) >> the pilot is called one of the most skilled in the bay. but his record is not spotless. >> he had three incidents in his file >> we asked the experts about the challenges of navigating a cargo ship on the bay. >> somebody did something wrong. >> and talk to the coast guard about possible human error. >> that is something we
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always consider >> pam: tonight at eight. the 'overseas reymar' is still anchored in the bay between alcatraz and treasure island. the coast guard still trying to figure out how it could have hit a tower on the western span of the bay bridge. for the very latest on the investigation. we go live to kron-4's terisa estacio. on treasure island. terisa? r >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling this a tragedy with one half million dollars as many independent agencies are causing and starting their own investigation. how did this happen? many people are asking. how this ship struck the tower of the bay bridge. the first order to piece together what happened will
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be a series of extensive interview with the pilot. he was the local pilot test would help to maneuver the 1,752 ft. vessel through the bay waters. in addition, the captain, and key members of the crew will be interviewed. drug amber stand out all will be performed and investigators are waiting. truck & alcohol -- testing will be and drug testing. >> that is something that we're always going to be checking in. if it is the pilot, that is all factors. while investigators meet with crew there will be a specialty investigation looking for navigation equipment on board. designed to help obstacles around the bridge there was a one- quarter mile visibility on the morning of the accident. going back to the physical damage you can see from our
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helicopter parts issue with abc seven is that they want to make sure that the damage does not begin toe bay. a major concern for the conservation agency, gatekeepers' " is also launching our own investigation. >> beekeepers. >> this set hundreds of tons of potential bunker fuel. beekeepers-there was a potential for fuel. this group bay keepers this is a live picture that you are looking at. and it looks like the ship will be kept here until investigators are satisfied and that could be months. reporting live, terisa best of show, kron 4. right now, the coast guard in the bay area as the investigation moves into terisa. what everyone wants to know. as investigators zero in on the damage caused to the when it struck here. the bridge. officials say the first
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order of business to try and piece together what happened. will be a series of extensive interviews with the bar pilot, guy kleess shown here. he was the local pilot thru the bay's waters. drug and alcohol testing hasthe coast guard says human error will be one of the possibilities they are will be looking at the navigation equipment on board designed to help guide the tanker around obstacles there was a quarter mile going back to that physical want to make sure the damage does not begin to leak any pollution such as fuel into we are also learning more this is a picture of guyas kron 4's dan kerman tells us, he has been investigated for three pervious incidents. the director of the simulation program at the state- of- the- art bridge simulator, to give us an idea of what it is like for pilots to navigate cargo ships on the bay through officials at the maritime academy say, once the help prevent future incidents the tug boat made contact with the bottom of the channel causing minor damage. pilot error was found but no action was recommended. kennedy's role
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very minor. >> the board of pilot commissions san francisco, a san paulo. he calls this incident to minor. >> this was a very narrow venue. there will be new regulations in the works to regulate pilots. >> there will be physical and agility tests carried out with a medical review regimen. >> reporter: these recommendations are from the recent crashes and a hopeful that these regulations will be enacted some time this year. dan kerman, kron 4. >> the director of the simulation program at the
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california maritime academy used their state of the art bridges simulator to give us an idea of what it is like to navigate cargo ships through the day and dense fog. >> this is what we creek consider 10-mile visibility with the little bit of peace. >> this simulation is able to recreate a similar incident and put people through that. this is what happened and what would you do. >> a little bit of--haiti and te officer and the quartermaster, will be on the scene. as i am going to be talking with the captain, the bridge kept in, and making a team decision on weather or not we will continue. and the bridge capt.. opposite, with reduced visibility it is more difficult but we do with the ritter, the satellite navigation system. those of the two main electronic devices and now
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which they just two-mile visibility. we will continue to monitor with-radar. and the satellite navigation, once we see it is not like putting brakes on the automobile. it would be more like trying to stop your car on mud or ice. >> there are guidelines for navigation and fog and these are put in place to help with the simulation process. in the end, something went wrong order. mechanical failure, we do not know. >> officials say that once the investigations will be concluding such findings to be used to help prevent future incidents since. stay with kron-4 as we continue to follow developments -- in the bridge. the web at kron-4-dot-com, and our facebook and twitter pages. >> tonight, we have new
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details regarding the search for human bones going on in the central valley. a case linked to the speed freak killers. death row inmate wesley shermantine previously gave authorities locations of abandoned wells. where they would find human remains. last year, more than a thousand bone fragments were recovered in a well. so far no human bones have been found in this new dig. but things are just getting started. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: pam, the fbi is in the early stages of this dig. what they're doing now is more preliminarysetting up a 40 foot work area for crews to safely work in. we're talking about a well that is pretty deep so they want to make sure their site is safe. this is new video into our newsroom in the last hour. you can see all of the experts there on the ground.this is something we did not see monday and most of the day tuesday. they are starting to go through that dirt. those with the fbi say the well is so small it's hard to see. they've
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cleared this area around it. a number of backhoes are also being used. they aren't actually digging into the well. they are digging at the areas around the abandoned well. crews who are out there are going to be hand sifting through the actual well. one that is 5 feet in diameter. this is a 50 foot deep wellsomething that is going to keep them busy for at least two weeks. those with the fbi tell me that they are down 10 feet so far. this is an operational the next day or two they will start going into the actual well. no human remains at this point but stay tuned. >> pam: do they have any idea on the number of bones they might find in that new well? >> reporter: that was a question that was directed to the fbi director yes today. they're not giving a number. we know that the last well had a thousand human bone fragments linked to at least two people. they have said they think remains of at least one person are in here will we see that
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number again? but there have been sent at leascontinue to develop. but in bay are news. a bay area boy scouts review board is endorsing a local gay teen's application to become an eagle scout. the four- member board of the mt. diablo- silverado council. unanimously agreed to sign off on ryan andresen's application for eagle scout status last night. this comes after his scoutmaster refused to do so, once the young man came out as being gay last fall. however, the counicl's staff executive is refusing to forward ryan's application to the national organization for final approval. the boy scouts prohibit gay members. and a spokesperson says, ryan does not meet the scouts' membership criteria. >> jacqueline: once that fog clears we certainly enjoyed a nice day. it took a bit longer in fairfield, vallejo. so, temperatures are kept several degrees cooler than in the south bay. where we did see
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conditions continuing and half moon bay. as ridiculous to the satellite & radar some increase with clouds in the north bay. the high pressure continues in the bay area. we will continue to see storm activity but the rainfall will stay to the north. showers and cold temperatures. and time it out on futurecast, coming up. >> reporter: manager bruce bochy and the giants hoisted the world series champhionship trophy on halloween. now the giants trophy tour is on.kicking off today in sacarameto. this was the and pose for pictures with the hardware. the trophy will come to the bay area next week. a stop in richmond january 14th. vallejo the 16th. daly city and redwood city the 25th. antioch the 28th. there are several more stops on the tour in the bay area.but these are the first
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ones. the team is not yet giving specific locations within each city, but that information will come. we'll post a complete list on our kron-4 facebook page. the trophy tour ends in tracy in march. ahead at eight. where are the bay area's biggest traffic troublea new study reveals the answers. >> pam: ifgovernor jerry brown challenging a federal court ruling. why he says, there is no reason to reduce the number of inmates in california prisons. >> but first. how tucson arizona is marking the second anniversary of a deadly shooting rampage. and how a former congresswoman is stepping up in the fight for gun control legislation.
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>> pam: the mayor of tucson, arizona, rings a bell. marking the 2-year anniversary of the shooting rampage that left six people dead. and 12 others injured, including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. bells started ringing at the moment jared lee loughner. opened fire on giffords. as she met with her constituents. loughner pleaded guilty to 19 -charges of murder and attempted murder. and was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences last year. as for gabby giffords. she and her husband now want to send a wake-up call to washington when it comes to gun violence. they marked the anniversary of the shooting, by launching "americans for responsible solutions". the group will raise money and lobby lawmakers on gun legislation. in usa today, the couple wrote: quote - we saw from the n-r-a leadership's defiant and unsympathetic response to the newtown, conn., massacre, that winning even the most common- sense reforms will require a fight." >> meantime, this was day
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two of the preliminary hearing for james holmes. the man charged in the colorado movie theatre massacre. 12 people died and dozens were injured. prosecutors today gave the court a better look at just how elaborately they say holmes set up his plot to kill. catherine heenan has the details. >> catherine: holmes looks very different from the days right after he was arrested. a brown moustache and beard - replacing the dyed red hair. the first 9-1-1 call made to police from the movie theatre last july was played today. during which at least 30 shots are heard in the 27- second call. other testimony today included officers explaining the very elaborate booby trap system they say holmes had waiting for them in his apartment. there was a thermos full off glycerin leaning over a hot skillet.filled with another chemical. a trip wire linked the thermos to the front door.
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holmes they say - had soaked his carpet with gasoline.and had loud music playing. the theory -- he wanted lots of police distracted and and possibly killed. delaying the response time to the movie theatre and his shooting spree. among the people in the packed audience. survivors and relatives of the victims. >> "he has no a robot.nothing else". >> catherine: sam soudani's daughter farrah was badly injured that night.and he came to support her. "because she decided to come.i just want to hold her hand. no more." >> catherine: the hearing will determine whether there's enough evidence to head to trial. testimony also detailed holmes strange behavior after his arrest. at one point - when paper bags were put over his hands to preserve gunshot residue. police say he began playing with them as if they were puppets.
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catherine heenan, kron 4. >> pam: prosecutors are expected to call dozens of witnesses. as they lay out their case against holmes holmes' attorneys are >> governor jerry brown is challenging a federal court order that the state further reduce its prison population to improve conditions. brown contends that complying with the court's june deadline for lowering the prison population to 110-thousand inmates would endanger public safety. brown wants the court to restore control of the prison system to the state. >> there is no justification for the state to put a cap on the number of inmates. >> pam: california's prison cap was imposed in 2009 because of overcrowding. federal judges also blamed overcrowding for deplorable conditions that violated inmates' constitutional rights.
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>> jacqueline: big changes with increasing clouds and storms approaching. spotty showers with not a lot of rainfall but a blast of cold air. temperatures dropping, significantly. even more so with the wake of this system and a look at the morning lows. thursday, and 20's with 30's expected. as we take a look outside of the satellite & radar is right off shore. the rain off of washington will not bring a lot of precipitation but a blast of cold air. well to the north to the gulf of alaska. also, notice to spot a cloud pattern. here is a look at futurecast we are starting to see the rain
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fall on the north bay coast. oakland, hayward, and also what still green. to the livermore valley. and as we take a look at 7:00 a.m., it is pressing towards the south bay with clear conditions. and for early thursday. notice, it is going to be a lot of coastal water with mostly dry on thursday but a couple of degrees showers to the coast. temperatures? we are still going to see temperatures cooler than what we saw today. low 50s but not all 60s. that we saw today. what we are expecting in the sierras, with this system pressing through. snowfall at the highest elevations for tomorrow. you see it is fairly widespread.
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this blast of cold air and not a lot of moisture associated. spot a snow showers and into thursday morning. spotty -- and also, wednesday, thursday, but notice temperatures are going to be dropping, significantly towards the weekend. locally, the temperatures are also dropping into the low 50s. thursday, friday, the morning lows will definitely be freezing warnings and frost advisories. to round out this work week. it's the first day of the world's largest consumer electronics show, c-e-s. this four day exposition of gadgets and gizmos in las vegas sets the technology trends for the year more than three thousand companies are showing off twenty thousand new products to one hundred and fifty thousand attendees. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows what's genereating buzz so far. >> coming up later guess what warrior has a bubblehead--bobble head
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room a valuable artifacts has been stolen from the oakland. this still an object is a gold-0 qt. with a gold box ornamentation depicting early california. this is a historical objects that was stolen yesterday from the oakland museum. the oakland police chief, and the mayor, will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss this theft. it is the second in three months from the oakland museum. we will can take you to follow this burglary and update you.
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(cheers & applause) gabe slate tech report >> smart phone cases are getting much more productive with a company called cannot canopy --this will make it like a 360 degree touch gadget with compatible applications, it will provide scrolling options and navigation. it shines almost with games there is a billion iphone case is all there is nice to see a new one. and it is available at $59 in the month of march. >> and peace of mind for traveling. this is a great application if the airline
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loses your luggage. it is preprogrammed and it communicates with your piece of luggage. you can check your location of luggage and you can also use the act and have the application send you the location of your luggage. check out this cute thing is a palm sized digital camera. this is from canon.. and features a 12.1 megabucks' all within eight x optical system. 12.1 of mega pixel... is this a terribtablet that will help with anti-shake technology. it is
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available now and is $75 this week, i will update you on all the new products coming out of the consumer electronics show. gabe slate tech report
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>> pam: ahead at 8-30. the bay area's biggest traffic trouble spots. ♪
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. the oil tanker overseas reymar has been ordered to stay anchored here in the bay. while the coast guard investigates how it manage to strike the western span of the bay bridge yesterday the coast guard says human error is one of the possibilities they are looking at. we've also learned the bar pilot. the man responsible for guiding the ship through the bay.has been investigated for three pervious incidents >> f-b-i investigators continue to prepare the site of an abandoned well in linden for excavation. as they search for remains of potential victims of the "speed-freak" killers. the f-b-i says it's about 10-feet into the dig. and has found nothing so far. the entire dig is expected to last two to three weeks. and new detials about the petaluma teenager, found dead on the side of a road
8:34 pm
in lake tahoe, investigators now say, 19- year-old allysa byrne may have been disoriented. when she apparently tried to walk three miles in freezing weather to her hotel. after attending a music festival. >> a new study suggests that a handful of bay area commuters may be causing traffic backups for everyone else. kron 4's charles clifford explains how. and shows us where the trouble spots are. >> reporter: a team of researches, including experts from uc berkeley and caltrans, analyzed three weeks worth of cell phone gps data from over 350,000 people here in the bay area. it's first time a study like this has been attempted. by mapping out where and when those phones were used and comparing that to know traffic patterns, the team determined that a small number of commuters are actually causing some of the regions biggest traffic
8:35 pm
jams. they found that drivers in parts of san rafael, hayward, san ramon, dublin and san jose are all trying to commute at the same time. thats creating traffic back ups for everyone else. the team believes that by changing the driving habits of the people who live in these areas, overall commute times could be improved. for example, if the number of drivers from these spots was reduced by just 1 percent, the travel times for everyone could be shortened by up to 18 percent. turning a one hour commute, into a 50 minute trip. researchers also say that encouraging people in these areas to carpool or use public transportation would actually be more effective than reducing the overall number of drivers on the road. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:
8:36 pm
the flu season is off to a strong start. and having a flu shot might not stop you from getting sick. the flu season this year started early, and is still very active. hospitals. including kaiser permanente in walnut creek. are noticing more people needing to go to clinics and emergency rooms. the flu virus linked to this years outbreak is called "h- 3-n-2." and doctors tell us. people who are getting sick. include those who got a flu shot. >> it is a little bit surprising when people got a vexing they're still getting sec who go the -- vaccine are still getting sick... it takes two weeks for the flu shot to take affect. the flu season typically lasts from mid- december to march. with the peak happening. in the second half january. grant lodes is here with a look at the impact across the country.grant? >> reporter: this map from the centers for disease control shows just how bad things are. more than 40 states.all the brown ones.are seeing widespread flu activity. across the country.18 children have died. california's flu activity is categorized as regional.but experts say it could soon be upgraded to
8:37 pm
widespread - like all the brown states. but the flu is now spreading in northern california. calls to kaiser permanente about flu like symptoms are up 2 - 3 percent from previous years at this time. but that's not nearly as bad as these the brown states.where flu activity is wide-spread. in new york state for example.flu cases are up 169 percent compated to this time last year. in illinois. 7 chicago area hospital emergency rooms were at capacity today.and non- critical patients were being sent to other hospitals. health officials say this flu season is likely to be among the worst we've seen in the past 10 years. >> pam: in san francisco. nudists were back at city hall protesting the ban on nudity that was recently passed. it is no longer legal to walk the streets of san
8:38 pm
francisco naked. however. nudists believe, the ban violates their first amendment rights of free expression. opponents of the ban have filed a class action lawsuit against the city. a federal court hearing will be held next week. protesters have created an e-book on body freedom. proceeds from which are going to the "nudist legal defense and future activism." group. >> yosemite national park released proposed plans online for major changes coming to the park. a court order to protect the merced river cause the changes-- it runs in the southern section of the park the 235- million dollar proposed renovation changes would include-- 19, 900 people allowed per day 203 acres restored within 100 feet of the merced river mule, bike, and raft rentals would be banned park officials want to make these renovations in the next 15 to 20 years. >> jacqueline: reduced
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visibility and a number of places. dense fog is not quite as bad as this morning with changes. and right now the rainfall is expected for tomorrow. 40's through fairfield, 47 in santa rosa. 49 in fremont. the satellite & radar. temperatures are going to be into the 30's for the overnight hours. rainfall in store. a wider view of this system. we are going to see cold conditions and details system. we are going to see cold conditions and details on that, coming up. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. system. we are going to see cold conditions and details experience theg up. pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing:
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>> update. stocks close lower for the second straight day. as the corporate earnings season gets underway. on wall street. the dow dropped 55-points. the nasdaq lost seven. and the s-and-p 500 fell 4- points. >> what started as a christmas customer grabber for target is turning into a year-round trend. target announced today prices from online retailers including walmart, amazon, best buy and toys-r-us. retailers use price matching practice to attract holiday shoppers, but target is the first company to try it all year long. it's being viewed a way for brick-and-mortar stores to compete in the online shopping realm. >> the forty-niners and the packers, coming up the staccandlestick. and also, these seemingly innocent comments
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made by and espn announcer gary radnich is next coming up...
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> if you ever happen to visit the intersection of 2nd and minna in san francisco you might notice a few things you might notice drivers illegally parked with their park where ever you want lights activated or drivers actully blocking minna so they can do a driver exchange or maybe blocking the lane to take photos you might even notice the sheer amount of illegally parked delivery truck on minna as well and is you stick around you might see them get cited the same rules applies for trucks on 2nd street. in this case because of some street work by the water department. but the thing that bugs
8:46 pm
most of the people i spoke to is what this driver of this laundry locker is about to do. just as soon as the other drivers get out the way. it's driving down minna the wrong way. according to viewers it happens quite often drivers driving the wrong way dispite the multiple one-way signs. now i'm courious why people do. this lets ask the laundry driver. >> how come you went down a one way street. >> why are you reporting me? >> it saves me time alright think you. i'm guessing it saves this postal worker time too. neither rain or snow nor one way street will keep the mail from being delivered actually if driver took a quick run arould the block it would only take a minute. you may think you are saving time but if you get caught the fine is somewhere around 300 bucks plus 1 point on your record. and if you cause a colission more then likely
8:47 pm
would be held at fault. not really worth it to save a few seconds now is it. in san francisco, stanley roberts-kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: big changes the cost is already increasing as this storm is approaching. the main impact will be the colt. thursday and friday look at these lows. 30's and 20's. as we look at the satellite & radar the increasing clouds and the wider view showing that tell and. all over washington and offshore. the tail end-and this system of california. it is breaking down but getting closer to the bay area. two different
8:48 pm
systems, with instability tomorrow, the increase with clouds along the coast. and also light shower activity. by 3:00 p.m., the showers over oakland, hayward, the san mateo coast. it continues to progress. livermore, and san jose and drier conditions for the east bay. keeping your eyes off shore. firstly, you can see the rain is offshore. we do have the possibility of showers near the coast. but otherwise, try towards thursday. temperatures are going to be several degrees cooler. 50s through the san rafael, and a word. we will see 50s through san jose. and--hayward. not a lot of snowfall with limited moisture. as for move
8:49 pm
towards 7:00 a.m., widespread for the overnight hours, it will be more spotty early thursday morning, lingering flurries. with one-3 in. expected at higher elevations. significant cool on towards friday. thursday and friday, some of these colder systems chance of showers on sunday.
8:50 pm
>> good evening, everybody. take a look at this stadium. and also if the stadium and the giants are waving goodbye. they are giving a tour and guess who is out there. cundem this of course, is the last time that billy was on a national stage baltimore was a limited from the playoffs. at the missed anyway. du /+cundiff at this time of the year, i want to be playing. and of course for the potential for super bowl.
8:51 pm
>> jim harbaugh is not tipping his head on who is going to be leading. and aaron rogers if he is on his game the 49ers are in tough. this will be his first game ever in northern california at candlestick park. right now, the best rating is kaepernick. the big story, and i think that perhaps the top five in the n f l this year is alex smith sitting out in favor of kaepernick. kaepernick saying that experience is not quite that much >> maybe because it is because i have been playing football for so long. this is my 17th year football is football once you get out on the field to. >> been in the situations
8:52 pm
that he has been in and have a link himself in those situations. at thos at th point we can say that nearly everything that a quarterback would face. he has done well. >> once again the 49ers a three-point favorite with a 5:00 p.m. kickoff on saturday. >> though reuters linebacker in george's tinted windows the raiders- linebacker in choice and the final college rankings. alabama is number one and when you are number one your head coach can be
8:53 pm
very smug. >> do you keep any momentos? >> against put them on the coffee table for the recruits to look at. >> i love the outrage of this play by play. >> you can see that a lovely lady that is his girlfriend. these quarterbacks, they're all the good looking women what a beautiful woman. >> if you are a youngster in alabama start getting a football out. >> and in deed, the former miss alabama had a couple of hundred twitter followers. and hannow, it went up to 140,000. and her
8:54 pm
boyfriend, the quarterback for alabama only has one of a thousand. and that is your grandfather. >> pam: and i am so proud that gary radnich ranked no. 5 on radio and magazine. no. 5 in the country, i am proud of you. >> and 1070 sports anchors. >> pam: know, your number five in the country!. >> the first time i had -- now what i tried to do is the best show i can for the people. thank you, pam that is sweet. when i come back we're going to talk about the audience, coming back..
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>> who is going to be the kicker? >> akers. >> carry if i had one question do you think that barry bonds is going to get into hall of fame?
8:58 pm
>> what i would do and a lot of people is that he is going to wait. just to say that we know that he cheated but he does deserve to be in their one day. >> all are the warriors going to have a better season than th then the lakers? >> yes. >> good night. i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
8:59 pm
an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit


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